cleaning on a budget

Save money with these cleaning tips

Everyone wants to have a clean and fresh home but that doesn’t mean we have to shell out on the most expensive products on the market, take a look at our top cleaning tips and see if you can save.

1. Don’t waste money on expensive cleaners

Don’t use expensive cream cleaners; use a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda – it works just as well.

2.  Don’t save it for your chips

Vinegar is good for cleaning surfaces such as glass, if you have an old spray bottle fill it with half vinegar and half water for a great mirror and window cleaner.

cleaning tips

3.  Use your Essential oils

Essential oils are good for general cleaning and very economical as you need so little. A couple of drops of tea tree oil on a damp cloth will disenfect surfaces.

4.  Wash them clothes

Unless your clothes are very dirty try using half the recommended amount of washing powder – it really will work . For whites add a teaspoon of bicarb. for extra whitening. We have found that supermarket’s own brand washing products are as good and, of course, much cheaper than the expensive brand name washing powders.

5. Use your bargain shops

If you do need a special cleaning fluid for a particular job look for it in the bargain shops first like 99p stores, cheap supermarkets etc.

cleaning on a budget

6.  Choose Reusable Cloths and Mops.

Disposable items are handy, but they can quickly eat up a household budget. To save money, pick items that can be reused. Microfiber cloths are a great choice for cleaning, dusting, and scrubbing. Instead of disposable mopping pads, pick a good reusable mop and take care of it. Choosing reusable items can save a lot of money.

7.  Little and Often.

 Doing a little bit of daily maintenance will reduce the need for tougher cleansers to clean your home. Most stains can be removed with water, dish soap, or laundry soap if they are treated quickly. Spills that are wiped up right away rarely need much cleanser at all to be cleaned. Make it a point to clean and maintain your home daily, and you’ll find much less of a need for specialty cleaners and expensive solutions.




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