Types of Car Insurance

car insuranceCar insurance is a compulsory insurance…so it’s a must have….The following different types of Car Insurance are usually available.  Find out which one is suitable for you.  

Third Party Insurance  Third Partyis the minimum type of car insurance allowed.  The first two parties are the insurance company and the driver. Third party insurance covers your liabilities in respect of:   

 Injuries to others (i.e. to your passengers and other persons not inside your car).   

 Damage to other peoples’ property (e.g. the third party’s car, but not your own vehicle).   

 Third Party, Fire and Theft covers the aforementioned Third Party risks plus theft, and damage to your vehicle caused by attempted theft and fire.  

 Comprehensive Car Insurance
Comprehensive insurance covers third party, fire and theft risks plus:   

  • Personal accident
  • Malicious damage your vehicle 
  • Medical expenses, to a limit 
  • Loss of, or damage to, personal property carried in your vehicle, to a limit 
  • Accidental damage to your vehicle  
  • New for old replacement in the first year. 
  • Glass replacement (windscreen, sunroof and windows)

Legal Protection Insurance 

Legal Protection Insurance is usually offered on to of your basic insurance premium.  This cover would assist you in the cost of persuing uninsured items such as a personal injury claim and a claim for loss of earnings. 

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Insurance Excess 

The excess is the part of the claim which is required to be paid by you the policy holder.  The larger the excess you are willing to pay the lower the premium.  An excess can range from as little as £50 to over £500.

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