Forgotten Pension

How to trace a forgotten pension?

Do you have a forgotten pension ?  Many people won’t remember they even started paying into the fund or put the money aside. Others will be convinced it’s gone forever as companies change, close or simply get swallowed up by rivals.  The scale of the problem is huge — £1.4 billion is estimated to be forgotten and hidden away in accounts worth less than £5,000.

Government figures suggest that 4.7 million additional small pension pots will be added to the system by 2050.

At a time when pensioners are facing the full effects of the granny tax, bottom-of-the-rung saving rates and slashed annuities — the income paid out for life in return for your pension pot — reuniting people with lost funds has never been more important.  It makes sense to track down that forgotten pension now.

  • People are often hampered in their search because companies they used to work for no longer exist or have been taken over.
  • Lost records by companies and former employees are another hurdle in the pursuit of old pensions.

forgotten pension

For free help tracking down a pension, you can write to the Pension Tracing Service at Tyneview Park, Whitley Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE98 1BA; tel: 0845 6002 537.

This service has access to information on more than 200,000 company and personal pension schemes, and will search for your scheme without charging you.  It may be able to provide you with contact details for a pension scheme. You can then use this information to contact the pension provider and find out whether you have any pension entitlement. It’ll be worth seeking professional advice before making any hard and fast decisions about your pension.

For help, phone the Pensions Advisory Service hotline on 0845 601 2923, look online at their website or find an adviser through

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