saving is fun

Saving is Fun Everyday !

Do you struggle to make ends meet and live from payslip to payslip constantly?  Is saving money boring ?

Then you are probably wondering how on earth you can save anything when you have nothing spare in the first place. The problem is your situation is never likely to change unless you do something about it and start putting away those pennies. The key to success here is making the most out of available discounts.

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Ask for a discount

Insurance discounts

Ask for a discountAsk for a discount 

We are big fans of simply asking insurance companies if there is any way that we can save money.  Ask what is the best deal they have, what are the terms and conditions of the deal and what are the discounts.  Insurance companies after all are only businesses and sometimes they will accept lower margins to increase their customer base.

You might qualify for discounts by being: accident free, for having a low mileage each year or for living in a low crime area.  The theory is simple if you don’t ask for a discount you may not get the discount.