Cut your childcare costs - top tips from @savingsadvice

Cut your child care costs

Child care coasts can make it too expensive for both parents to work in some families, while others may be paying more than they need to. We have some tips that may help you to save a few pounds and find the best way to cut your childcare costs.  Please check the figures in the article to ensure you have up to date information –

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what are the worst baby buys

What are the worst Baby Buys – save over £250 !

When you are pregnant you want to buy the best for your baby and many mums find that they buy lots of things they never use.  We have all seen the baby must have lists or the top 10 items for Baby but what are your “worst buys”?

  • Did you buy something that you never used?
  • Did you buy an expensive item and end up using a bargain buy instead ?

We were reading a recent report from Which about your least useful baby items and were surprised at some of the findings.  They think you could save up to £250 by not buying them all.  You can read more here..

1. Fabric Sling.

A sling does not suit everyone, and not every baby likes a sling so it may be an expensive item to buy before the birth.  You may be better waiting and trying to borrow one first.  Find out if it is for you before spending your money.

2. Nappy stacker

We do agree with this one.  It seems fiddly and time consuming to take the nappies out of the bag or box and into a nappy stacker before use.  We would suggest you give this a miss unless you decide later you can’t live without one !

3. Baby washing (top and tail) bowls

They’re not particularly expensive – costing around £3-£10 – but parents told us that two cheap plastic bowls will do the job just as well. I liked my top and tail bowl as it is just easier to buy one bowl than two and they were a nice size so you don’t use too much water.

4. Nappy disposal bin

We definitely agree with this one, they take up lots of space, start to smell and then you have to empty them. Not a great buy unless you live in a flat or your bin is far from the house.

5. Bumbo seat

This is another love or hate purchase. The Bumbo seat, a plastic seat which helps your baby to sit upright, was popular with some parents. 26% of those who bought or were given one said it was one of their most useful products – but 18% said they didn’t need it at all. One parent said: ‘I regret buying a Bumbo – expensive, and both kids hated it’, and the key factor for most of the parents who didn’t get on with the Bumbo seat was that their child didn’t like it or take to it.

Tippitoes Baby Door Bouncer6. Door baby bouncer

Another product which several parents told us their child just didn’t get on with was the door baby bouncer.

7. Baby carrier

Baby carriers can cost anything from £20 to £100 and it’s important that you choose one which is comfortable for you and your child. In the survey 23% of parents who bought or were given a baby carrier said they were one of the most useful products they bought, but 16% didn’t end up using theirs. The main reasons for this were that they felt the baby carrier was more hassle than it was worth (36%) and the child didn’t like or take to it (29%).

8. Ride-on toddler board for buggy/pushchair

I was surprised at this as many mums I know swear by their buggy board. If you have a toddler and a new baby they can be a godsend.

9. Night light

Night lights can cost anything from £3 to £20, and it might be worth seeing how your child reacts to a cheap one before splashing out on something more expensive. And, bear in mind that some baby monitors come with an in-built night light. I never used a night light as both our babies never needed a light at night so I would wait and see on this one.

10. Baby reins

Baby reins typically cost around £5-£15 and can help you keep your child close once they’ve started walking, but not all parents find them useful. Personally I never liked the idea of tying my children up and taught them to hold my hand or the buggy from a young age but they can be useful for very strong willed toddlers!

let us know your worst buys below !!