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Rent out your car

Owners car rental site Whipcar gives private car owners the chance to rent out their motor to a neighbour for cash.

It sounds like a recipe for trouble, but the founders have gone out of their way to reduce the risks, vetting all cars and drivers with the DVLA, holding credit card details for all parties, and offering eBay-like feedback profiles.

You may wonder how renting your car out will affect your insurance, but again Whipcar has this covered with a special insurance package for the service.

How much cash? It varies depending on your car and location; a 1.9 diesel VW Golf in London SW12 could command £5/hour, £28/day or £159/week for its owner

More Money Making Ideas

Rent out your home as a film location

Film & TV production companies  are always on the lookout for homes and areas they can shoot in.

Your home needn’t be palatial to qualify either; all shapes and sizes can be desired, and the rates of pay are good.

There are a number of online agencies that’ll list your property for free (taking commission once your property is chosen for a shoot); never use any that charge a large upfront fee.

How much? If your property is chosen, you can expect up to around £800 for a photographic shoot, and £1,500 for a film shoot. And you get to brag about it. However, don’t bank on being selected; there are many more properties than film crews.

Take in a lodger or play guesthouse

The Rent a Room scheme means that you can take in a lodger in a furnished room in your home.  The  Rent a Room scheme offers an exemption, which means that you won’t need to pay tax on the first £4,250 you make each year.  This is a huge tax break for most people and really ups the gain. Website Crashpadder allows you to list your spare room online, and take in travellers looking for a cheap place to stay.

How much? With a full-time lodger, you can take home £4, 250 without paying a penny in tax; if you’ve a desirable property and don’t mind paying income tax on anything above this, you could easily make more.

Cashback shopping

When shopping online, click through to a shop via a ‘cashback’ site and it’ll give you a small proportion (usually around 2% but up to 10%) of what you spend back in cash. Sites such as Quidcooffer you cashback on your purchases when you buy online, this is really handy where you can save £hundreds throughout the year.

Get paid to click

You can earn cash just for clicking links on the internet. This is because many advertisers pay websites for sending them traffic (ie. for visitors clicking through to their sites).

As noted above, cashback websites give you a share of their ad-revenue; so when they’re paid just for sending traffic, you can be paid just for clicking.

How much? It’s not too difficult to rack up £20 a month just by clicking paid links, as long as you’re consistent with the routine; set passwords on screen to make it easier.

Full info in the Make Free Cash section of the Top Cashback Sites guide.

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