10 day-to-day money saving tips

10 Day-to-Day Money Saving Tips

Pack-In Smoking

We all know that Smoking is bad for your health but it’s also bad for your pocket. With every packet of Cigs costing around £10, yes 10 quid…the cost of each cigarette is 50p. If you smoke 20 cigs a day that’s around £5,000 a year.

Make a Shopping List

We all know that if we go shopping, we end up buying all sort of randomness that w don’t really need. So make a shopping list and buy only what you need. Save around £20 a week, over £1, 000 a year.

Car Breakdown Cover

Most of us will have car breakdown cover to ensure that a mechanic will help us out if the car breaks down. Most of us will have cover by the AA, RAC or Greenflag; but ensure that you don’t automatically renew your cover with these providers. It is usually financially beneficial to jump between them each year. This can save you around £50 a year.

Book your flight early

Just remember that the longer that you leave it before you book your flight ticket the more expensive it’ll be. Ensure that you book with Ryanair, Easyjet or Norwegian air as soon as possible…because you’ll save cash the further from your departure you book the flight..

Make your own sandwich

Take a packed lunch to school or work; it’ll save you around £4 a day; that’s £20 a week or over £900 a year.

Get Cashback

If you buy products or services such as insurance online, you can often receive around 10% cashback on your purchases. If you buy car and travel insurance and products from retailers such as Tesco you could receive around £200 a year as cashback.

Buy the own brand or white label products

Do you always pick the well known brands in the supermarket. Will the well know brand of digestives be any than the own brand digestives…or will they be the same biscuit made in the same factory, with a different wrapper. You could save over £200 a year.

Recycle old mobile phones

So you have a few old mobile phones lying around the house gathering dust. You could earn a few quid from sending the phone away to be recycled. There are a number of recycle companies such as Mazuma around. So get the money for your old mobile now. Get between £5 and £30 quid cashback.

Use a slow-cooker

Using a slow cooker for cooking stews or casseroles can be both nutritious and save money. It costs around 10p to use a slow cooker for around 8 hours, while using an over will cost 30p an hour.

Collect those coppers

All those pennies and coppers can be heavy in the pocket, so collect in a jar and cash them in at the end of the year. Without even realising you could  save £40 a year…remember it all adds up.

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