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30 ways to save a £1

Money Supermarket have issued a challenge to bloggers to find 30 ways to save £1, a perfect blog post for us we thought ! Here are our top tips for saving a £1 or more, in fact many can save you a lot more. Let us know your top tips.

1.  Visit your local market.

Your local market can be a great source of cheap fruit and vegetables that you can buy in bulk for the week ahead.  You may also be surprised to find great deals on other household goods.

2.  Poundland isn’t just for toiletries.

You can find a great selection of sensibly priced goods. We find the cereal bars and dried fruit and nuts to be great value and make great paly time snacks. 

3.  Swap to own brand goods.

When you are doing your normal weekly shop look down the shelves to find some of the own brand products.  Trade down a level if you normally go for the superior brands, you may be surprised at the price savings and not notice any difference in the taste.

4.  DIY

Instead of spending money on tradesmen why not try a bit of DIY ? Basic painting is straightforward to do, all it takes is a little time and patience.  You can easily emulsion walls and gloss skirting boards without any training.

5.  Buy on Ebay

Ebay is a great source of goods at great prices, both new and used goods.  We tend to buy craft items, books and clothes on ebay and can make significant savings over high street prices on new goods.  Some of the larger stores such as Argos and house of Fraser now have outlets on the site so you can buy with confidence.

6.  Sell on Ebay

Why not sell your unwanted goods on ebay?  If you have good condition clothing, books, household goods etc it only takes a few minutes to list them, you can even do it from your mobile phone now.

7.  Buy in bulk

If you see a special offer on dried goods then stock up.  Pasta, Cereals, Tea and coffee will last for ages and you can often save up to 50% off on special offers.

8.  Take your snacks with you on days out.

If you have children you will know how expensive snacks and treats can be on a day out.  Stock up on packets of fruit juice and multi packs of crisps and sweets to use as treats.  Pack a little rucksack and you are all set.  If you regularly go out for trips then invest in a cool bag for lunch and a waterproof backed blanket – you cna have a picnic anywhere – even the car !

money saving tips
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9.  Collect coupons

It may seem like a lot of hassle to cut out the coupons and take them all with you but you may be surprised at how much you can save.  Always double check the prices before you use the coupons as some items may be available from another brand cheaper, even with a coupon.

10.  Sign up for loyalty cards

If you are offered a loyalty card you may as well use it.  I save most of my points for Christmas from the various cards and use them to buy treats and presents.  You may also get special offers and coupons sent to you from time to time.

11.  Get a credit card that pays you cashback to shop.

If you use a credit card and pay it off every month it makes sense to get one that pays you cashback on your shopping.  Buy your new Washing Machine on the card and it could save you £5.

12.  Walk more

Could you walk more ?  Leave the car at home and walk to work or the train station ?  I know it doesn’t work for everyone but walking is free and great exercise.

13.  Do you need Subscription TV ?

If you are paying monthly this can be a big outlay.  Think about what you actually watch, would you be better paying for a few films on demand ?  Could you do without ?

14.  Cancel your daily newspaper

If you don’t have time to read all the paper everyday then why not cancel it.  Read the headlines online and save a newspaper for the weekend – as long as you walk to the shops to get it !

15.  Stop buying ready meals

Ready meals are expensive if you are buying for a family.  Cook in bulk so you have a meal ready at the end of the day that is fast and healthy.  Mince is a great staple that can be batch cooked and frozen.

16.  Invest in a slow cooker

Buy cheaper cuts of meat and pop them in the slow cooker in the morning with some vegetables and stock.  Dinner will be ready for you when you get home – simple !

17.  Check all your insurances when you renew

Always shop around for the best deal on your car, house and life insurance.  If you find a better deal you can always contact your existing provider and ask them to match the price.

18.  Use your clubcard vouchers for days out

If you shop in Tesco use your clubcard vouchers to exchange for days out.  You get up to 4 times the value and get great deals on days out and meals.  Perfect if you have a family to entertain during the summer holidays.

19.  Take your lunch and snacks with you to work

Taking lunch is an obvious money saver, stop going to the cafe or shop and save a fortune over the year.  If you are always snacking at the vending machine buy a multi pack in the supermarket and take your snacks with you each day.

20.  Use your local library

There is no reason to buy books when you can borrow them from the library for free.  You can also usually borrow Music and DVD’s as well.  Many libraries also have free classes for children to enjoy.

21.  Search online for voucher offers before you buy

If you are buying online then do a google to see if there are any voucher codes available before you buy. I recently saved £50 on a purchase of a new bed with a voucher code – not to be sniffed at !

22.  Buy re-usable baby wipes instead of disposable ones.

Re-usable baby wipes are good for your pocket and for the environment.

23.  Don’t buy packaged bags of fruit and vegetables.

Buy your fruit and vegetables loose and you can often save money.  You can also choose the best quality products and test how ripe they are.

24.  Wash your own windows (if you can ! )

We don’t suggest you do this is it involves hanging out of a window on the 5th floor of a block of flats but many modern windows open so they can be cleaned from the inside – save £5 each time.

25.  Wash and vacum your own car

If you have space them wash your car at home, if not then a power wash station is cheaper than taking it to the car wash.

26.  Join Freecycle

Most areas have a freecycle group where you can give away your unwanted goods and receive other items.  We have received a children’s swing for the garden and a small trampoline for free.

27.  Befriend your neighbours.

If you are friendly with your neighbours it can also help save money, how you ask ?  If you need to borrow a ladder or power drill  for a one off job then a friendly neighbour may be able to help.

28.  Compare prices online for larger purchases

Before shopping for any large purchases ensure you do a price comparison online.  Even if you prefer to shop in the high street you will know the best price available.  Stores such as John Lewis also do a price guarantee on comparable products.

29.  Sign up to Quidco

If you regularly shop online then Quidco is a great site that pays cashback on your purchases online.  It is especially good for insurance and has its own price comparison calculator.

 30.  Turn old mobiles into cash

There are a number of sites where you can cash in your old mobile for money, if it is not the latest model you may not get much but there is a large market overseas so any old phone still has some value, whether it is working or not.  Just remember to remove your sim and delete your phone numbers and texts.

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