Family Holiday Saving tips

Holidays are so expensive for families, so here are 5 handy holiday money saving tips

Changing your Money

If you’re exchanging a few hundred pounds then I wouldn’t waste your time penny pinching, just head to the local post office or travel agent and get your currency. On the other hand if you’re want to change a lot of money, then I’d recommend visiting a few places to compare prices.

Of course you could check the internet for exchange rates to compare rates, but you could always check  this with a few travel agents and your local post office to get the best rate for your money.

Getting around

Rather than renting a car, why not use the local public transport system. It’ll be cheaper, and it’s much more environmentally friendly and I always think its safer to get a local to drive anyway. So why don’t you get to know your holiday location by jumping on a bus or tram and find out where all the attractions are.

Another good form of transport to find your where around is your legs! Just be careful where your walking and don’t wander around alone at night. It’s free and much healthier for you than sat in a car or a bus.

money saving holidays

Mobile telephone

My advice to save money is, leave the mobile phone at home. If you need to speak with a family member or a friend then use a local telephone box, which is much cheaper. We’ve all heard the scary stories of  huge mobile for a few calls made when abroad, so avoid any scares.

Sun tan oils etc.

Sun cream, deodorant from my own experience has been much cheaper to buy abroad than in the UK. Once you’ve checked into your holiday accommodation, head to a supermarket where the locals shop and you’ll find it’s much cheaper and if your travelling light your deodorant, creams etc won’t be seized.

Additional costs for your holiday

Don’t assume that it’s cheaper to get to your holiday accommodation by the tour operator – compare it with local taxis, and in resort airport transfer companies.

Bear in mind that on a tour operator coach you’ll have to visit all of the hotels in the resort, so it might be quicker and less hassle to find your own way there. With regard to in-flight meals, if it’s only a few hours flight, take your own sandwiches or buy them at the Airport

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