Holiday money saving ideas

Money saving for familiesFly further, stay longer  

You may pay more for the initial flight, but once you get to some far-flung destinations, your money should go further.  It is now possible to stay in a boutique hotel in Buenos Aires for almost a third of the price than one would pay in Paris. 

 ‘For example, seven nights at the uber-chic Hotel Costes in Paris would cost more than £3,400 per person, whereas a week in a high-end boutique hotel in the trendy Argentinian neighbourhood of Palermo would set you back just £1,218. Even when you take flights into consideration, which would typically cost £700 return to Buenos Aires, the savings are considerable.’ 

Cruising deals  

Cruising has been one of the biggest growth areas of travel in the past few years.  Companies such as Thomson are offering savings of up to 40% off the brochure price for cruises to the Canaries. The company promises all couples will save at least £100 on cruises booked online throughout January, with cruises now starting from less than £500 per person. 


Take advantage of the sales  

 The tourism industry launches its sales at the start of every year with the aim of getting Brits to book their summer holidays early.  on the High Street, these sales started early – having launched in December – and it’s been – and continues to be – possible to pick up some great bargains already for 2012. Given the economic slowdown, the sales are expected to hang around. 

Holiday in the UK  

The UK tourist indistry has received a boost due to the increase in Staycations.   It has been predicted that the number of families choosing to take their annual summer break in Britain next year could increase by at least a million. 

Change your holiday habits  

 The number of people taking a two-week long haul break has declined by 3% since 2003. But the frequency of short haul holidays has been on the rise. A return to the traditional two-week holiday could actually prove to be the cheaper option when compared with multiple expensive city breaks taken throughout the year. 

 Out of season holidays 

Although it may not always be possible with school holidays, but by holidaying out of season can be financially beneficial. 

Not only will you be treated to fewer crowds, you’ll get some great deals too.  Alternatively, swap the beach for the mountain, many people travel to Chamonix in the French Alps in the summer, as they do in the winter, and there’s a good reason for it – the resort is renowned for hiking and gastronomy, plus it’s only an hour’s drive from Geneva. 

Travelling to the southern hemisphere during British summer time is another way to save money by travelling ‘out of season.’ Travelling during Australia’s winter and early spring – June through September – offers significant discounts from peak period rates. Flights to Melbourne with Qantas for example start from around £624 return in June, rising to circa £1,150 return for flights in December.  

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