10 Favourite Christmas Films to watch for Free in 2016

10 Favourite Christmas Films to watch for Free in 2016

Everyone loves a Christmas movies, especially if there are kids around however a trip to the cinema can end up as a costly day out.  There are the travel costs, tickets which can be around £40 for a family not to mention overpriced snacks.  This year why not cuddle up at home, stock up on some fancy popcorn from the supermarket, or a warming hot chocolate and watch a classic Christmas movie for free.

Now I know you are thinking that all the best films are never on when you need them but I have a trick up my sleeve for you.  If you are already a Netflix subscriber then all these films are free to watch, if you are not then you can get a free month of viewing – just remember to cancel before the renewal date comes up !  You can get a free month subscription on the Netfilx website here.

1. White Christmas

Not only is White Christmas widely considered the ultimate holiday movie but it’s also an all-time cinematic classic. A typically dapper Bing Crosby stars as Bob Wallace, a former WWII Captain-turned-successful Broadway producer who takes a shine to one half of a sisterly entertainment act.


2.  Love Actually

I have to admit this is one of my favourite films for Christmas, always manages to bring a tear to the eye.  This modern Christmas classic weaves together the stories of ten couples, families, lovers and hot lonely people in the weeks leading up to Christmas.


3.  Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse

There are loads of Mickey Christmas films to choose from and are fun for all ages.  It doesn’t feel like Christmas until you have seen one.

4.  Get Santa

It’s days before Christmas and reindeer are found running loose through the streets of London. Meanwhile an astonished 9 year-old Tom  discovers Santa (Jim Broadbent) in the garden shed.  He has crash-landed while test-driving his new sleigh and enlists Tom and his father to help him get back to Lapland. But what happens when Santa is arrested and thrown into prison?

Get Santa is a heart-warming and funny family adventure about a father and son reconnecting to discover the magic of Christmas

5.  Miracle on 34th Street

Remake of the original, about a skeptical little girl and her cynical mother finding something to believe in when a department store Santa Claus claims to be the real thing. All he has to do now is prove it in court.  I love this version as it has the really cute little girl from Matilda in it (Mara Wilson) but the original is great at well.

6.  Ernest Saves Santa

Now to be honest this is one I would avoid as Ernest is a bit of of a love vs hate character but it does seem to make children howl with laughter so I have included it for the kids.  You might even enjoy it as well!

7. 12 Dates of Christmas

Think of Groundhog day, but at Christmas, and you have the gist of the film.  This is actually a better film than you might expect so why not give it a go one evening once the kids are in bed.

8. The Search for Santa Paws

There are loads of cute puppies and kids in this one, it may be a bit sickly for some but will easily pass a cold winters afternoon.

9.  Scrooged

A selfish, cynical T.V. executive is haunted by three spirits bearing lessons on Christmas Eve.  A take on the traditional Dickens Christmas Carol without being too sweet and gives loads of laughs.

10.  Christmas with the Kranks

Have you ever thought about just avoiding Christmas and taking off somewhere warm ?  Well things don’t go to plan for the Kranks and they end up back home organising Christmas in a hurry.  I haven’t seen this one before so have bookmarked it to add to my watch list when I need some light relief.

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I hope you get a chance to watch some of your favourite films this Christmas, why not let us know your favourite film ?


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