Get your property sale ready

5 tips for getting your property sale-ready

Getting your home ready to sell can be a stressful time, especially if it requires a lot of work doing to it in order to attract buyers. If you follow some basic steps though, you can make this task more manageable and help to ensure you achieve the results you’re looking for.

With this in mind, here are five tips that will help you to get your property sale-ready. 

  1. Consider approaching a cash buyer

 Many people assume that to sell a home, you have to list it on the open market through a realtor. In fact, there’s a quick and easy alternative to this, which is to approach a cash buyer. Companies such as Fast Sale Florida specialise in buying properties in any condition. This means you don’t have to spend time or money renovating or redecorating. Instead, you can skip straight to the sale.

This option can be ideal if you want to move quickly or your home’s in need of repairs and renovation and you don’t want to bear the costs of this. By going to a cash buyer, you can sell your home as it is, and you won’t have to pay closing costs or realtor fees.

  1. Make important repairs

If you decide to take the traditional path of listing your property on the open market, you’ll need to ensure it’s as attractive as possible to potential buyers. This means doing any necessary repairs. From fixing leaky faucets to mending damaged guttering or roofing, there may be a number of ways to make your home more appealing.

Before you get started on any repairs though, make sure you have a clear idea of how much they’ll cost and whether you’ll be able to recoup this money thanks to an increased sale value. If it’s unlikely you’ll make your money back on a particular repair, it’s probably not worth doing.

  1. Clear the clutter

Too much clutter in your home is virtually guaranteed to put buyers off. So, before the viewings start, it pays to spend time clearing as many items as possible to ensure your rooms look tidy and spacious. This means packing away anything from kids’ toys to bathroom products, to coats and shoes. If you can’t hide them away in your home, consider renting out a storage unit for a short period of time. This will cost you money, but it could dramatically increase the appeal of your property among buyers and help you achieve a faster sale and a better price.

  1. Do some redecorating

A fresh lick of paint can brighten up your rooms and give them a cleaner, fresher look and feel. If you decide to redecorate, stick to neutral colors. Buyers tend to prefer to see properties as blank canvases that they can put their own stamp on. You might also want to re-grout any dirty tiling.

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  1. Stage your home

Before viewings, put a little effort into staging your home. This can mean anything from making sure your furniture’s perfectly arranged, to displaying bouquets of flowers, to ensuring all your light bulbs are working and your rooms are properly illuminated.

If your property’s in need of a deep clean, you might also want to get in a professional cleaning company to ensure it’s spotless and gleaming before any buyers arrive.

Following suggestions like these should help you to get your home sale-ready and achieve the outcome you want.


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