Exercising on a budget

Exercising on a Budget

Going to the Gym is becoming more and more popular and as a result more expensive.  As the weather gets warmer now is the time to look at some inexpensive alternatives.  Have a read of our top tips for exercising on a budget.

Try streaming classes

Anything from travel, to hellish work hours, to looking after young children can put the breaks on an exercise routine. The beauty of streaming classes is that they can be accessed anytime and anywhere with enough space for a yoga mat and a solid WiFi connection.  YogaGlo has online classes that range from 5-120 minutes, and students can pick between super physical “body” classes to more spiritual or meditative mind and heart classes. There is a free 15 day trial so you can try it before you buy.  If you like to feel the burn the Beachbody on Demand may be more of your thing with classes such as Insanity and Piyo all available on demand.  There are often free trials available as well so have a look before you sign up.

exercising on a budget

Use home exercise equipment

You don’t need to buy expensive exercise equipment for the home the cheapest of the lot must be using your skipping ropes and using tins of soup or beans to strengthen up those muscles. You can pick up some equipment relatively cheaply, the cheapest of the lot would be Freecycle, where some users advertise their unwanted equipment for free all you usually need to do is pick it up. Other ways of picking up exercise equipment cheaply would be the for sale ads in your local newspaper or Ebay.

Go for a walk

Just getting outside of your house can be enough to gee up the fitness effort. Grab your walking boot and get out and about. It’s amazing the level of local historic sites and countryside that most people don’t see. Most towns and cities have local hill walking and rambling clubs, so just get involved.

Get running

The popularity of running has increased hugely over the last decade or so. You don’t need to run a marathon you can start off with a slow jog and build up to your 5k, 10k or more. There are a huge amount of running clubs and groups based around the country, most of which are free to join and give you added motivation.  There are more and more Parkruns popping up, where people of all abilities get together to run 5k, you can even time the run with your bar code.

Get your fitness gear for less

Getting the latest gear can all add up with many of the top brands costing around £70 for a pair of running trousers.  You could try a local outlet store for some last season bargains.  You should also take a look at Fabletics for fashionable and affordable activewear.  Kate Hudson set up the site after she saw a gap in the exercise wear marketplace: there were plenty of luxury brands, but none that offered stylish and high quality gear at an accessible price point.  They currently have a great introductory offer of your first outfit for £20.

Exercising on a budget

Get on your bike

A lot of us have not got on our bike for a long time but cycling is becoming more and popular. You don’t need the latest racing bike that costs a fortune, you can pick up a cheap bike from the ads in your local newspaper or you may be able to get a cheap bike through the Cycle to Work scheme.  Have a look online for Cycling Bargains to get the best deals on your kit.

Use your Council Gym

You don’t need to be tied down to an expensive Gym membership, there are usually exercise clubs and sessions in local Church Halls and Council Gym’s that usually only cost a few quid.

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