Secrets of cashback for shopping

Secrets of Cashback for Shopping

One of the easiest ways to save you and your family money is through cashback for shopping.  There are lots of site out there that promise to help but today I am going to share with you my favourites offering cashback for shopping.

Quidco- Cashback for online or high street shopping

Quidco is the UK’s leading cashback rewards platform and has expanded rapidly from its Yorkshire roots.  With over 4,000 retailers to choose from Quidco helped members earn cash back over £50 million on their shopping. With Quidco there is no limit to your cashback opportunities, on average Quidco members earn £280 each per year.  Quidco operate a two-tier membership.   Their basic membership is completely free and the Quidco Premium membership includes a number of extra features for you £5 annual fee which I am not sure is worth it.  I have been a member for around 5 years and have now earned over £1000 from the site.

With over 4,300 retailers to choose from across a broad range of popular categories we’re certain you’ll find an offer or two that’ll take your fancy.  From High Street retailers such as Debenhams and Marks and Spencer, or purchasing Finance products, with money back for insurance and other financial product purchases. Travel up to 12% cash back from Hilton hotel stays and up to 8% cash back from Thomsons Holidays, now 8% on a family holiday could turn into quite a few quid cashback.  There is an extension for Chrome that sends you a little message when you go onto a site that offers cashback which I find handy or there is an App for your phone if you prefer.

cashback for shopping

Other categories include Car Breakdown Cover, with £123 cash back if you purchase RAC Breakdown Cover, Mobile phone  offers include up to £65 cash back if you purchase a specific mobile package from Carphone Warehouse.  These cashback offers do not guarantee to pay out so  do not rely on the casback as you may not receive it.  Saying that I have bought my insurance policies through them for the last few years from a few different companies and have always got my cashback – on average around £50 a policy more than enough to make up for no free cuddly toy gift !  Think of the cashback as a bonus and maybe save it for a treat or Christmas shopping later in the year.

Why not take a look at their site and see what you think –

Checkoutsmart for grocery Savings

This is an easy to use app, you simply download to your phone and register.  When you go shopping select your store and see what offers are available for you.  You pay for your shopping as normal and then upload a copy of your receipt to the app.  You can then download your money once you reach £5, there is a 5% transfer fee for amounts under £20 but no fee above this and it is transferred to your bank or paypal account. I only started to use this in the New Year but have already managed to accrue £15 in my account as at 22/2/15.

Save money on your shopping

Some of the current offers include Free optiwell yoghurt drink in Tesco, (you still have to buy it then claim back) £1 off butchers dog food 6 pack, 60p off Aunt Bessies Yorkshire puddings and many more.  Some weeks there is nothing I buy and others there may be a freebie that I might not have otherwise bought so it is a chance to try some new products.  You can find the site here or download the app onto your phone by searching for checkoutsmart.

Another popular site is however I have never personally used the site so don’t fee comfortable recommending it to you, I would love to know what you think of it if you have used it.

Please share your top cashback results below we would love to hear them!



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