Warming Winter Soup

vege soupVegetable soup is hard to beat as a great winter warming meal for all the family.

Soup can help to keep your weight in check as it is generally low calorie. When it is eaten before a main meal it can help to cut calorie content by up to 20%. This is because it makes the stomach empty much slower.

Ready Made soups are obviously easier but nothing beats a warming bowl of homemade soup. Use cheap seasonal vegetables and cook in bulk and freeze. Buy what ever is on special offer for a great money saving recipe and make as much as you can store! You can add potatoes or lentils to thicken instead of cream.

Kids can learn to love soup too – start them from a young age when you start weaning just remove their portion before you season with salt. My girls both love soup from a traditional scotch broth to lentil soup.  Kids tend to love the more colourful and sweeter soups such as pumpkin (see my halloween recipe coming next!), sweet potato, carrot, tomato and sweetcorn.

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