Find a property that meets your retirement needs

Finding a Property That Fits Your Retirement Plans

Whether you’re pondering over what type of property should lie in your future or you’re hoping to help a friend or relative narrow their search, there’s a surprising amount to consider when it comes to finding an appropriate retirement property. Estate agents Knight Frank recently highlighted the growing importance of purpose-built serviced retirement housing and communities but you don’t need to settle on such a structured option if it doesn’t fit with your personality, plans or personal circumstances.

However, if you do intend to move from the family home into a bungalow, smaller house, flat or apartment, you may find you need to take a rather determined approach to downsizing. Last year HomeOwners Alliance estimated that half a million over 55s were stuck in property limbo due to a shortage of suitable housing. Then there are other essentials to consider like location, facilities and maintenance. Here’s how to get your search off to the best start.

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Get a Great Price on your New Car

Getting a Great Price on Your New Car

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One of the biggest purchases we make, except for a new home, is a new car.  Lots of people don’t realise that even if you are buying a new car there are still savings to be made.  Before you start you should make sure you’ve worked out what you can afford and have done plenty of research into the car you’re planning to buy – including the list price.  Whether you’re paying cash, part exchanging or organising a finance plan, car dealers’ prices aren’t fixed.  Have a read of our guide to find out our top tips for getting a great price for your new car.

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Save Money on your car maintenance this winter

How to save money on your car maintenance this winter

The festive season is all fun and games; it’s the perfect time for catching up on quality time with your nearest and dearest but it is also often extremely expensive. With a constant stream of guests, fridges to fill, parties to attend and presents to buy, your spends can really start to rack up so it’s even more important than ever to do everything you can to avoid any unforeseen financial surprises. One of the biggest culprits for curtailing your seasonal spirit is car troubles, especially during the chilly months.

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Secret santa gifts on a budget

Secret Santa Christmas gifts on a budget

Everyone loves Christmas but all the preparations can be exhausting.  Who has time for all the shopping, wrapping and preparation it entails.  I have to admit that used to fill me with dread the “Secret Santa” challenge.  Buy a present for a colleague in the office on a budget without causing a major breadown in relations.   It can be so difficult to buy a gift for someone you don’t know very well, and maybe don’t even like that much !   This is where the #sdfiverchallenge comes in – why not take the stress out of the shopping with a choice of £5 gifts from sports direct online.  Get your presents sorted without even leaving the comfort of your favourite sofa.   Read More