Develop your own no spend challenge

With your personal no spend challenge …..It is extremely important to remember that you define what you want your no spend challenge to include (or not include).

For one person, it could mean cutting out their morning coffee. For another, it could mean cancelling all their unnecessary subscriptions or not buying an outfit for every new occasion.

Whatever you choose, it’s important to stay true to yourself and get what you want from it.

It doesn’t always mean cancelling all your bills or cutting yourself off from the rest of the world!


Before you start your personal no-spend challenge, make a list of everything that you already have in the fridge/freezer so you can plan meals using these, make sure your car has petrol and automate all of your bills in advance.

Detail how long it will last!

The length of your personal no-spend challenge is completely up to you. 

Are you going to go for a few days? A week or even a full month!

Remember ….You’ll likely find it easier to complete a no spend challenge during the week, with it being easier to plan lunches and stick to a budget when you’re in work and bound by a schedule.

The choice is yours!

Have a goal in mind!

Are you …Saving up for a deposit on your first home? Are you saving up for the holiday of a lifetime? Or are you looking to complete work on your home?

If you have something to work towards it is a great motivator for your personal no-spend challenges. If the urge to spend gets too much, think about how good it’ll be once you reach your goal.

Don’t make excuses…Start today.

There is never a good time to start saving money but today is the day.

If you’re having a hard time telling yourself no, then leave home with only enough money for your daily necessities; such as travel. Leave your cash and debit card at home. That way, you physically can’t spend! …but remember to make sure you have enough money for travel.

Over time, you’ll be able to tell yourself:

‘I have no money to buy this, so I must not need it.’

You’ll learn how to prioritise your spending and be truly happy with the items that you do buy.

Challenge yourself each time you go to spend

For the times that you do need to buy things, it’s really important to challenge yourself each time each time you want to spend.

Are you buying different types of milk in your weekly shop? Do you regularly watch all of the channels on your TV subscription? Do you own a pair of shoes similar?

Are you buying the biscuits because they are brand? When you can buy the own brand biscuits cheaper!  Remember that small purchases add up, especially on your food bill.

Do you really need all of those television channels?  Cut out those unnecessary subscriptions today!

Use up what you have

Do you not know what to make for dinner, but your freezer is full of food?

A lot of us fall into this trap and we end up spending unnecessary money on food.  Stop making last minute trips to the shop and buying expensive takeaways by using up all the bits in your freezer!

You can entertain yourself for free

Have you watched all the terrestrial television shows that you wanted during the week? If not watch them on catch-up free! (Obviously this is after you’ve paid your licence:)

When was the last time that you went to your local library or museum?

You can also take your children on outdoor activities such as having an homemade picnic in the park. So, days out don’t need to cost a penny.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

It’s on if you have the occasional trip up and buy a coffee or bar of chocolate.  The important thing to remember is that it’s a small trip on your no spend journey. It you haven’t failed, just don’t give up.

Remember your no spend journey isn’t forever

Focus on why you’re on the no spend journey and remind yourself of your goals.  The holiday; the home refurbishment, or to build up savings remind yourself of your goals!

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