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Household InsuranceI got my renewal for household insurance a few days ago and finally got around to doing something about it today. What an eye opener!!  The letter from the broker stated that it was the best offer available so I decided to do a little shopping around to check.

By chance I got a letter the same day from Churchill Insurance as we have our car insurance with them.  They were offering a great rate and a saving of £70 on our renewal quote. I called to check the details were OK for running my small business from home.  The customer service assistant was very helpful and as it was such a good deal I signed up to pay in instalments.

When I went to cancel my insurance I was told that they could maybe do something for me and came back with a quote £60 cheaper than originally.  This made me really annoyed, if they were honest in the first place and given me the best quote they would still have my business, as it is I have made the move!

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Always shop around before signing up for any insurance to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. Try shopping around at one of the many comparison sites.

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