The benefits of investing in employeees

The benefits of investing in employees

Everyone knows that training and developing staff in a business is important however it can be difficult to know what needs to be done and how to do it.  There are so many pressures on a business that sometimes training can slip to the bottom of the pile.  I thought I would  share my experience of training and continued learning with you today.

Before I turned to the online world I used to work in the hotel industry.  I loved the challenge of working in a fast paced industry where no two days are the same.  I used to run the front desk and reservations departments in a number of 4 star hotels around the country.  Whilst the hotel industry can be a fun and challenging environment, it is notorious for a high turnover of staff for many reasons.  A  lot of staff are employed part-time and on low wages, there is poor training and lack of a career path.

As a manager I often found that we would just get someone trained to do a job and then they would leave.  I found it frustrating there were no systems in place to help to develop and retain the staff.  The company I worked for decided to invest heavily in training for the staff from the lowest paid roles to senior management.

Investing in employees in hotel industry


A Training and Development Programme

  • They began by ensuring that all the managers had basic “train the trainer” qualifications so they knew how to train their own staff in their everyday roles.
  • An induction day was introduced for all new staff to ensure they knew how the business operated and understood the ethos of the workplace.
  • Ongoing training plans were implemented for all levels of staff along with a regular appraisal programme.
  • Off site courses were developed with a team of regional training managers on hand to carry out the training.  Courses ranged from bartending to selling techniques.
  • A range of online learning programmes were developed so people could progress at their own speed.  This is definitely a growth area along with the increase in Virtual reality software almost anything could be role played in cyberspace.
  • Management development programmes were put in place to develop the talent of the future and to retain managers in house.

Benefits of Investing in Employees

  • A key benefit of investing in the training of staff was a decrease in the staff turnover rate.  Retaining staff became easier when there were tangible goals to work towards and loyalty was recognised and rewarded.
  • Productivity increased when staff were properly trained resulting in tasks being completed more accurately and faster.
  • Customer satisfaction also increased as they received a more consistent service from all members of staff.
  • Staff satisfaction in their work increased as they gained recognition and felt valued.

For many of you this may sound standard however for the hotel industry 20 years ago this was forward thinking.  I am sure things have now moved on and would love to hear your experiences from the workplace.

I would like to share this video with you from GP Strategies on the evolution of learning.

How do you think learning will change in the future ?

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