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It’s official, next generation mobile chip and PIN machines have landed in the UK. For the past 6 months or so it has been possible for UK small businesses to accept card payments using a smartphone and lightweight card reader. With the mobile chip and PIN machines  now available that process will be quicker, easier and safer.

Two companies have this week released their offerings in Europe. Both devices are available for £49 + VAT in the UK and both charge only 2.75% commission on every transaction.

mobile chip and pinPayleven

Startup founded by Rocket internet in 2012

Cost £49
Fees: 2.75% (flat rate, no limit)
Accepts Visa and Mastercard
Compatible with iOS and Android
Available in UK, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Poland
Tech: Bluetooth

Payment is made via an app on the phone and the phone’s mobile signal. The total is displayed on screen then the payment is made using the chip and PIN reader. A receipt is sent by email and funds are deposited into the merchant’s bank account a few days later.


Swedish company founded 2010

Cost: £49
Available for iPhone, iPad and Android
For individuals and businesses
Charges: 2.75% per transaction. No setup or monthly fees
Available in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and Spain
Tech: Bluetooth

Payment is made via an app on the phone and the phone’s mobile signal. The total is displayed on screen with the description and an image if the merchant chooses. Then payment is made using the chip and PIN reader and a receipt is sent via SMS or email to the customer.

Other options

Up until now there were options for accepting payment with a mobile device and card reader. Both iZettle and Sumup have ‘chip and sign’ devices available. With this type of card reader payment is validated by the customer signing the screen of the merchant’s mobile device with their finger. Though Mastercard are happy with the safety of this method, Visa aren’t and additional verification is required. This can slow things down for the merchant and the customer needs their own smartphone to verify the payment.

The advantage of these card machines is that they are available free so for merchants accepting card payments infrequently a ‘chip and sign’ device may be the right option.
Other products are expected to be available soon. A UK company called mPowa is soon to release their own mobile chip and PIN reader and Paypal are rumoured to be entering the marketplace. Mobile chip and PIN readers are also available with some traditional merchant accounts.


For many small businesses mobile chip and PIN devices will be of great use. Merchants such as taxi drivers, hair and beauty professionals, salespeople and professional services will benefit amongst a host of others. Unlike cheque, payments with chip and PIN are made instantly and guaranteed bringing peace of mind to merchants. Rather that sending customers to a bank and potentially losing sales, card payments are now an option for even the smallest business and mobile businesses.

For further detailed information on mobile credit card readers take a look at

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