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I have had a bit of a saga with my main websites hosting, I will spare you all the gory details but I was left in the lurch by my previous hosting contact.  After much searching I found Carol Beck , a freelance web developer who has been superb.  She helped me sort out my web hosting and has  been great so if you are looking for some advice or support I recommend getting in touch.  She offers reasonable rates without tying you up in a complicated contract.

Website Hosting

Luckily I had registered the domain name at another company in my own name so it was easy to prove that the site belonged to me.   This is a very important word of warning to anyone setting up a new site, whatever you do please register the domain with another company in your own name.  You should also try and get the hosting set up in your name if possible so that if there are any problems you can reclaim your site!  Let my problems be a warning to you, I had hours of worry before it was all sorted!

I eventually settled for Vidahost  who offer great service levels and have been answering emails in less than 10 minutes which is a miracle!  They offer a very reasonable cloud website hosting starter package at only £29 for the year which includes superb support.   If you are looking for a bargain then you can use my 10% off code MUM10 at check out.

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Domain Names

Domain names are cheap to purchase and start from only £2.49 per year.  I always advise to try and get something that has the .com and .co.uk available, not always easy as a lot of the best names have all gone but it makes it easier for customers to find you.  I use 123-reg for my domain names but there are lots of other companies out there – I wouldn’t suggest you use them for your websites hosting though as i have heard some bad reports !

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