Work from Home or Office ?

Do you want to work from home or work from the office?

I remember before we had our daughters, whenever I heard anyone tell me that they “Work from home” I was immediately jealous. I used to commute for an hour to and from work, during which time it would be a lottery whether I got a seat on the train. I would then be faced with a colleague that couldn’t talk on the phone properly but shouted instead and another co-worker that needed a new keyboard frequently because she would hit the keys so loudly when typing. The distractions were frequent and often in the office, I still shake my head now in disbelief when I think about how we managed to get so much work done.

The latest Survey Data

I came across a recent survey of 1,000 people that said that 66% would prefer to work from home. Three quarters of those surveyed think that working in an office is more stressful than working from home. But the same survey said that the biggest distraction at home was the television, where 22% said that their children were the biggest distraction to working from home. I can wholeheartedly agree with this last point our children are a major distraction to getting work done. It is a constant stream of questions of “Mum do you know where this and that is”.

The most revealing thing about the survey for me was 46% of those surveyed said they like to work from home because of convenience. This really is the truth, after I had my children I left the office environment and started to work from home.  With young children and a husband working away abroad for half the year being a home worker was perfect for me.  There have been many ups and downs but I still think it is a great way to spend your working life.

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Kari Shea

My Top Tips to Work from home

Try to keep to set work time

It can be too easy to get sucked into doing lots of other tasks when at home so it helps to set yourself some core office hours when you sit down and power through some work.  It doesn’t have to be 9-5, just choose what suits your own circumstances.

Have a designated work space

Try to set aside an area that is yours to work from with some suitable storage space.  If you are at a desk all day then you need to make sure you have a suitable desk space at the correct height and a comfortable office chairs UK.  Sitting on a kitchen chair for 8 hours is going to put you out of action with a bad back and working from bed may seem like luxury but the novelty will soon fade!

Invest in the correct Equipment

I would also suggest investing in some decent tech – you need a decent laptop or PC with a good wifi connection.  If you are going to be using a printer or scanner go for something that isn’t going to have you tearing your hair out, there won’t be an IT department on hand to help out.  Sometimes it is worth spending a bit more to get better quality products.

I came across the following video which I found both hilarious and truthful about the reality of working from home and the reality of working in an office. You can contribute to the home v office working debate via the following hash tag #OfficeJoys.

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