back to school savings

Money off back to school

Parents worried about the financial strain that buying a new school uniforms and kit,  can relax as the high street start their school uniform price war.

back to school savings If your one of the lucky parents who can get away with buying blazers and skirts from your local outlet, then make sure you do not leave it too late – as the size ranges can run out pretty quickly.  It is not always possible to source blazers and skirts from supermarkets and chain stores because some schools may have a very particular uniform you can only get from one shop, but you may still be able to buy suitable shirts and blouses or gym kit items cheaply in the high street.

ASDA is offering to kit your child out with a whole uniform for a flat price of £7 – so that’s a 2-pack of shirts/polos, one jumper, one skirt or pair of trousers. Sainsburys is doing a similar deal. Morrisons is offering any 2 school uniform items for £5.

Online money-saving voucher website provides help for parents below.

  • 10pc off orders at School Uniform Shop ( with the code: vouchercloud
  • Exclusive deals at Clarks when you click through from the website
  • 60pc off at WHSmith sale, click through website
  • 80pc off back to school supplies at Staples click through website
  • 50pc off stationery at Vistaprint plus free UK delivery on orders over £20 when you click through website
  • 30pc off at Argos when you click through website